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Daikin VRV systems optimised energy consumption while taking into account the seasonal performance with indoor and outdoor units.

The VRV IV has changed the heating as we know it by providing heat even during defrost mode, thus eliminating the temperature drop inside and providing comfort at all times.

Wall Mounted Units

Daikin Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Unit

Daikin Airconditioning System Diagram

VRV Replacement Units

Quick and quality replacement of R-22 and R-407C Systems


Software for simple commissioning, configuration and customisation

  • 7 segments indicator
  • Automatic refridgerant charge
  • Night quiet mode
  • Low noise function
  • Full inverter compressors
  • Gas cooled PCB

Mitsubishi Electric

We are the main agent for Mitsubishi Electric climate control systems including

M Series Wall and Floor Mounted Units

M Series Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Indoor units can be wall or floor mounted

Designed to cool or heat small to medium sized spaces, such as retail units and small offices, the M Series split range provides a versatile yet affordable air conditioning solution.

Quick to install, the range includes some of the quietest units on the market. Available in a variety of options, the M Series range fits in wherever it’s needed.

Comes with a new MELCloud solution available for M Series models using the wi-fi interface.

Mr Slim Range

Suitable to cool or heat a huge variety of applications such as office and retail units, Mr Slim range is our best selling air conditioning split-systems

Features include some or all of the following:

  • Top of the range power inverter technology
  • Single and three phase outdoor units
  • Four-way blow cassettes
  • Ceiling concealed ducted

Energy Efficient Multi City

  • Applies and network the energy through a water loop within the building and between buildings
  • Unit located indoors on each floor, ensuring design flexibility with pipework.
  • Compact and quiet unit minimising outdoor plant space and maximising occupied space.
  • City Multi water-cooled models offer double heat recovery through refrigerant and water, no defrost and a refrigerant cooled inverter with no heat rejection to the internal space.

Heat Recovery and Heat Pump Diagram for Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units

Heat Recovery     and    Heat Pump Systems

Utilising two key variations, city multi-range can provide a building’s heating and cooling at the same time using a heat recovery system or provide heating or cooling through a heat pump system